In the early 70s was founded the company "SILVANO MODELLI" which later became "CREAZIONI SILVANO". At first, the costumers were predominantly Italian, then with the participation at the fair in Milan COMISPEL, are acquired customers from all over the world. Also begin some exclusive collaborations with leading foreign companies.

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The market is expanding and the collection of models for fur is joined also a collection of models for clothing leather and sheepskin. The agents will travel around the world, where, in addition to trade shows, the models are shown directly to customers at their headquarters in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Hong Kong and of course all over Italy.

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We offer STYLE and LINE. Our creations are designed specifically for the material in which it is recommended that the realization and are tested in our labs. Our collections stem from information definitely reliable since in our creator SILVANO Zocchio has spent a major, so we are synonymous with ability and experience.

The services we can offer are:

Our samples are made in facsimile of fabric for the vision exact model.

What we deliver: the PATTERN copy suitable for machining and recommended materials, DESIGN PHOTOGRAPHY with the FACSIMILE FABRIC. How we sell: we present directly at the customer site with specimen fabric; we participate in major exhibitions sector; or by sending a catalog of designs.

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