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Silvano was born in Monza, near Milano, first of 4 children.

The mother is shirt sewer, the father responsible of sewing machines company.
At age of 15 he started sewing men suites. This was the start of his technical training. Whilst working he went to evening classes where he successfully completed advanced programmes.
At only 17 years old he collaborated with a magazine for tailors and published a job on the triangulation of the outstanding points, namely the human body as a geometric solid, is the basis for the computerization.
He continues his interests in tailoring, this time only for ladies wear and at Iole Veneziani he creates true masterpieces in sewing, Italian high fashion is in its first stages.
Retaining it timely to deepen his knowledge of French tailoring, he often went to Parisiennes tailors’ workshops old and new tailors, from Balenciaga to Yves Saint Laurent and back in Italy he reproduced their models. He completed this period of artistic training at the age of 21.
While doing military service in Rome, he opened an Atelier as a fashion designer in” via Sistina”. The clientele was truly varied coming from all over the world and he became aware of growing interest in Italian fashion to wich he totally dedicated himself. He was the first to bring the “ pigiama palazzo” to the Pitti catwalk in Florence.
The same year, during the “ Scala opening season” in Milan, the most elegant ladies worn first “ pigiama” outfits, that were actually a Silvano’s creation.
Fashion evolved and here there are other fundamental creations, the exaltation of fabrics in collaboration with great Italian artists among which was Gianni Dova.
At the end of sixties he realized his first fur collection for the company of Milan Gianni De Rossi. He continued to lend his services to various companies, the last one being Krizia.
Following that he embodied his business as a designer of fur, leather and special fabric clothing.
His customers was principally composed of European and Italian companies and many clients from around the world that he acquired in specialized fair exhibitions that he has participated in since the time his business was founded.
He carried studies on about sizes from all over the world.
The most important world exhibitions has him as spectator and he is accredited to attend the presentations of French High Fashion.
From some years, aside from the lines for furs, leather and fabric clothing created expressly for his company and sold worldwide, he has realized exclusive collections for Greek, Russian and Chinese companies showing international importance in this field.
From many years he works for the Italian Tanners Association, making the Trends and colours table for Italy.
Italy is in the world the most prestigious producer of leathers. Silvano’s recognized competence and diffusion in the world have given him the possibility to have been being collaborator for 30 years as Italian representative in the European organism for the realization of the colours and fashion tendencies, up to the cessation of the organization.

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